About Burnham Niker

Burnham Niker represent a hand picked selection of talented and award winning photographers, many of whom also work with moving imagery. Between them they have been responsible for some of the most recognisable and acclaimed work in the last 20 years.

We take great pride and satisfaction in the work we produce which through our shared creative backgrounds and passion for the industry, means we thrive on working in the most innovative, creative and resourceful way we can.

We thrive in working in
the most innovative, creative and resourceful way we can

Katy Niker

Katy is the owner / director of Burnham Niker. Whilst in the final year of her photography degree at Blackpool, she realised that rather than being a photographer she wanted to work with them. After work experience with David Burnham, which she loved, he offered her a job as his PA straight from finishing her degree. She took over his business in 2000 when he retired, which means that 20 years later Katy is effectively still in her first job! After all this time she still gets a huge thrill from seeing her artist’s work on billboard posters, in magazines, online and on the walls of galleries.


Alex Wilshire

Alex is joint director of Burnham Niker. After graduating in Film & Television at Brunel University, she immediately moved to London to pursue a career in media. Starting out as a production assistant at an animation and motion graphics studio in Clerkenwell, she then honed her skills across online & tv commercials production in Soho. A natural born producer and prolific list maker, she gets no greater pleasure than whipping the most tricky of productions into shape.


Jenny Wickens

Jenny Wickens graduated from Nottingham Trent with a photography degree and then gained experience working at commercial galleries, arts festivals and community engagement programmes. After travelling from Sydney to Cairns and being nicked named ‘the palest person in Australia’, Jenny worked at a London design & media agency. This finally led her to the role of production assistant at Burnham Niker where she ensures that the office runs smoothly and assists Katy & Alex on all productions.